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I am a high-energy, smitten husband to my lovely, bookish, and supportive wife Rachel. We three kiddos, our pre-schooler daughter, Alice, with fraternal infant twins, Henry & Regina! We are spreading our roots in a small suburb just outside Philadelphia. We love our 100 year old home and all its quirks, hosting a good party, the beach, reading, and eating at Olive Garden way too often.

I love the color combination blue and yellow, running/biking, throwing around kettlebells, fresh vegetarian food, a good fitting pair of jeans, and all things Harry Potter. (My wife and I even planned our honeymoon around the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios. Not to mention our red haired cats
names are Fred & George). My brain runs at 1,000 miles an hour. I have a new-found enjoyment of writing (I didn’t say I’m any good at it though), and my favorite part of being a photographer is meeting new individuals at every session.

I've been fortunate to work with some really wonderful companies and individuals like the Camp Eagle Hill, Conspectus Inc., Ember IT, Helmsley Charitable Trust, Mallory Rose Interiors, Stonebridge Home Loans, STV Inc., the Sun Inn Preservation Assoc. to name a few.


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